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Lock Protection Measures: Key Tips to Thwart Break-Ins

Any homeowner would be wise to make an investment in home security. Protecting your family and belongings at home begins with ensuring the security of your locks. While no lock is perfect, there are things you can do to make your locks more difficult to defeat and deter burglars from choosing your home as a target. In this guide, we will present fundamental recommendations for enhancing lock security against burglaries.

Select Premium Locks: Your initial protection against break-ins hinges on the quality of your locks. Consider investing in robust deadbolt locks with an ANSI Grade 1 rating, as they are more resilient and tamper-resistant.

Deadbolt Locks for Complete Safety: Standard spring-latch locks provide higher security compared to deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks that protrude at least an inch into the door frame should be installed on all of your exterior doors.

Reinforced Door Frames: Your Safety Upgrade: A secure door frame is essential to ensure the effectiveness of your lock. Bolster your door frames by adding strike plates and using long screws, creating a substantial deterrent against burglars attempting to kick in your door.

Insist on Reinforced Strike Plates: Fortify your door’s security by attaching a robust strike plate to the door frame, using extended screws for added strength.

Upgrade Lock Resistance with Security Pin Upgrades: Raise lock resistance against picking by considering upgrades with security pins like spool pins and serrated pins. Explore the option of upgrading your locks or enlisting a locksmith for security pin installation.

Rely on Window Security Film: Rely on security film to reinforce the security of windows near entryways. This film toughens the glass, acting as a deterrent to break-ins.

Enhance Safety with Smart Locks: Take steps to enhance the safety of your home with smart locks. They provide convenience and advanced security features, including remote control and access log maintenance.

Secure Your Sliding Doors: Ensure the security of your sliding doors, which can be at risk of intrusion. Insert a bar or rod into the track to prevent forced entry, and explore the use of security pins or a double-bolt lock.

Strengthen Security via Key Control Strategies: Strengthen security via key control strategies like restricted keyways, which discourage unauthorized key replication. These strategies are especially effective in residential complexes accommodating multiple tenants.

Make Patio Doors Less Vulnerable: Make your patio doors less vulnerable to intrusion by reinforcing their security. Strengthen them with a bar or rod, and think about installing a secondary lock or deadbolt.

Reoccurring Lock Care: Locks may deteriorate with age. Provide reoccurring lock care by lubricating lock components and evaluating the condition of all parts. Replace locks that exhibit signs of wear and tear.

Fix a Door Viewer: Fix a door viewer onto your door for a safe way to see who’s there without opening it. See that it has a wide-angle view and is fixed at the right height.

Always keep in mind that no security measure can guarantee absolute safety, and a resolute intruder could potentially uncover a means to defeat even the most secure locks. Nevertheless, by following these recommendations and embracing a comprehensive approach to safeguarding your home, you can substantially lower the risk of break-ins and create a more secure living environment for yourself and your family. Maintain your vigilance, stay informed, and ensure your security.

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